Tuesday, July 28, 2009

buttercup II

apparently i have a thing for using the same patterns over and over. i was really proud of my first go at this pattern, but it was floppy, like REALLY floppy. i decided i needed to try again.

i cut the fabric out a LONG time ago, but was just able to sew it last weekend.

buttercup bag II

i was too cheap to buy flannel interfacing so i just cut up some flannel from my stash and pinned it to each piece of the pattern. i sewed as if they were one piece of fabric - if that makes sense?

buttercup pocket

i am MUCH happier with the results in regards to the floppiness. its much more sturdy and therefore more functional.

buttercup button!

as i neared completion of the purse i realized i didn't ever figure out a clasp or closure method. the only thing i could think of that would work without pulling out stitches was a button and buttonhole. easy right? i have an automatic buttonholer on my machine. no problem.

HA! it took me a while. it actually wasn't hard, but i had to practice A LOT in order to figure out the right tension on both sides. by the time i was ready to do it on the actual purse i was too lazy to mark the center and ended up with a slightly off-center hole. eh...what can you do?

i have one more version of this bag cut out and started...its the big shoulder bag version - excited to see how that one turns out!


jenni said...

oh that is cute!! you say you don't have any fabric but everything you make has the cutest stuff!

i like those tags too

J & J said...

I may have to hire you to make me one. I love it! Where did you get the tags, they are so cool.

... in the kitchen said...

I love the interior tag!