Saturday, December 31, 2011

reindeer onesie WAY cuter on baby!

IMG_5505 IMG_5504

Love a baby in mama-made things! Here is that Reindeer Onesie looking oh-so-cute on Miss Edrie.


I'm mildly obsessed with this hair clip...I want to make a hundred more. Jenni and I got together to make hair accessories a bit ago - I'll have to take pictures of the other ones I made. I used this tutorial for the bow. I don't think Edrie really appreciates them, but I'm in LOVE! 

ps Are you all obsessed with pinterest like me? find me here.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Reindeer Onesie

Jenni and I got together last week to attempt crafting with three little ones underfoot and we were successful! Edrie was strapped into the moby, Jenni's girls watched a movie and we embarked! We didn't completely finish, but we got a good start on it and had fun! 

I'm not so good with the machine applique so I just hand stitched this onto the onesie. I LOVE how it turned out. The original plan was for this to be the top to some christmas pajamas, but really I don't think my three month old cares about christmas pjs so she will probably be wearing this lots and lots the next few weeks!