Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A few more baby handmades...


I've been wanting to make some drawstring bags ever since Jenni gifted me one over a year ago. I used it for all kinds of things, but my favorite use was as a way to corral knitting projects. Anyway, I finally got around to making some with the hope of them being useful in my new diaper bag!


My mom bought me this beautiful messenger bag to use as a diaper bag. We found it on super sale and I LOVE IT!! Because its not meant to be a diaper bag there aren't tons of pockets on the inside. Enter aforementioned drawstring bags. I think they will work together perfectly!


I made a total of 7 bags of varying sizes all out of fabric I had on hand! I used a combination of this tutorial, this tutorial and also this one. Love them!


I had a shirt that seemed too nice to throw out, but that I couldn't wear anymore. I decided to make a few simple baby hats out of it. They aren't amazing or anything, but I'm hoping babe gets a bit of wear out of them!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crafty To Do List for Baby (UPDATED!)

Here is the updated list... making good progress!!

alphabet mini quilt
onesies (elephant) (elephants DONE!) (snail DONE!)

bulky baby blanket
kicking bag DONE!
newborn snug jacket IN PROGRESS
newborn romper
baby legs DONE!
latte baby sweater
baby sophisticate DONE! by Holly!
baby hoodie
big wool little hat DONE!
aviatrix hat
umbi hat DONE!
pumpkin hat
cabled baby bib DONE! by Holly!
stay-on baby booties DONE! by Holly!

stocking IN PROGRESS
wipes gonna use washcloths for now
quilt DONE!
kimono baby shoes
infant swaddler have plenty of store bought ones for now
big butt baby pants DONE! by Jenni!
rockin' baby gown have plenty of store bought gowns
nursing cover DONE! by Jenni!
diaper clutch (do these work for cloth dipes?) made some drawstring bags instead...
pilot cap bought a few...
burp cloths DONE!
moby wrap DONE! got a brand new black one at goodwill for $20
nursing pads DONE! for now...made 4 pairs, but probably will make more
baby legs DONE!
fabric bunting DONE!
family tree wall hanging from stitched in time (put in large embroidery hoop in nursery)
lots of other stuff from this and this

baby book/pregnancy journal IN PROGRESS

freezer paper onesies DONE!

bookshelf bought one...

Monday, August 15, 2011



I posted pictures of our nursery and finished baby quilt on my other blog! Go check it out! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby Hat


 I made this quick baby hat last week. I'm not in love with the color, but I just grabbed some cheap cotton-ease on our way out of town so I'd have something to work on. I love quick and simple things like this...very gratifying to have something started and finished in a matter of days. 

pattern - Simple Baby Hat
yarn -Cotton Ease in Lime
...also detailed on my ravelry page

Friday, August 5, 2011

Babe's First Blankie

From Chris

Soon after we announced that we were expecting, Grant's aunt got in touch saying she wanted to  make us a blanket. You know I was excited, because I love all things handmade. Before I knew it this beauty was on our doorstep!

Isn't is amazing and so unique? She uses gingham and does it all by hand!

From Chris

You can see how much dimension it has and she was even kind enough to ask if we had a color preference. I LOVE that it matches the nursery so I can show it off.

From Chris

This was the first gift we received for the baby, but because of all our moving and life craziness, I just got to unpack it from the baby boxes this week. Everyone who has come by to see the nursery comments on it! Thanks so much Chris, we will treasure it forever!