Friday, August 5, 2011

Babe's First Blankie

From Chris

Soon after we announced that we were expecting, Grant's aunt got in touch saying she wanted to  make us a blanket. You know I was excited, because I love all things handmade. Before I knew it this beauty was on our doorstep!

Isn't is amazing and so unique? She uses gingham and does it all by hand!

From Chris

You can see how much dimension it has and she was even kind enough to ask if we had a color preference. I LOVE that it matches the nursery so I can show it off.

From Chris

This was the first gift we received for the baby, but because of all our moving and life craziness, I just got to unpack it from the baby boxes this week. Everyone who has come by to see the nursery comments on it! Thanks so much Chris, we will treasure it forever!


jenni said...

WOW!! that is amazing!!

Alisha said...

WHOA! And here I couldn't figure out how to do pinch-pleat curtains today! That blanket is AMAZING!