Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A few more baby handmades...


I've been wanting to make some drawstring bags ever since Jenni gifted me one over a year ago. I used it for all kinds of things, but my favorite use was as a way to corral knitting projects. Anyway, I finally got around to making some with the hope of them being useful in my new diaper bag!


My mom bought me this beautiful messenger bag to use as a diaper bag. We found it on super sale and I LOVE IT!! Because its not meant to be a diaper bag there aren't tons of pockets on the inside. Enter aforementioned drawstring bags. I think they will work together perfectly!


I made a total of 7 bags of varying sizes all out of fabric I had on hand! I used a combination of this tutorial, this tutorial and also this one. Love them!


I had a shirt that seemed too nice to throw out, but that I couldn't wear anymore. I decided to make a few simple baby hats out of it. They aren't amazing or anything, but I'm hoping babe gets a bit of wear out of them!

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jenni said...

i really want to touch your diaper bag, it looks really really soft.