Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Carseat Blanket

Carseat Blanket

This is my baby about to lose it because she woke up and realized she was in this awful contraption we all call a carseat. The kid HATES it. Not good for mama's sanity, but we make do. Anyway, I started this blanket about a week before I had Edrie. When buying the fabric I was stopped about 20 billion times at fabric depot by people wondering when I was going to pop. Then I worked on this blanket while I was in labor and couldn't sleep. I finished it with a sleeping babe on my chest! It really was there through it all!

My friend has a blanket like this that ties to the carseat handles so that the blanket doesnt fall off while you are carrying the babe in and out of places. Turns out this is completely unnecessary for me because my kid won't stay in the seat long enough to carry it anywhere. The blanket is cute anyway, right? I looked up lots of tutorials when making this and none of them were what I wanted. They were mostly like this... so I just used the size estimations and made a simple blanket with ties.

Carseat Blanket

The top side is a vinyl coated cotton so that it is a little weather resistant - I thought this important considering we live in a rainy place
Carseat Blanket

 The side that touches baby is that minky stuff. Super soft. 

Carseat Blanket

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rest of the Pre-Baby Handmades

IMG_4764 IMG_4767 
I completed all of these projects before Edrie arrived, but was lazy about getting them blogged. She has herself a stocking to match the rest of the family's. I just have to embroider her name on it and decide if I want to embroider the back of ours with mom and dad...


A tiny knit hat to fit a newborn. I washed it and forgot all about it in the load so it went in the dryer. I was really sad thinking it would be too small after it was accidentally felted. But it actually fit her perfectly for the first week or so.


And a little snail onesie...the snail is from Alicia Paulson's first book. She is almost too big to wear this too =(