Thursday, August 27, 2009


i've been dying to show these to you! i am so proud of myself. i know you aren't supposed to say things like that, but i just like how these turned out and they are my biggest knitting project yet. have i ever told you how much more i like knitting than sewing?? SO MUCH! mostly because i'm a more precise knitter than i am as a sewer. its a much more relaxing process for me. but really that is neither here nor there so we should just look at the pretty pictures...

confection baby shrug

i made these for my cousin's two girls. she has a 20 month old and newborn. they are the most beautiful little girls...every time my mom sees pictures or videos (they are her sister's granddaughters) she has nana fever! she wants someone of her own to spoil!

confection baby shrug 24 months

this is the 24 month size. it looks HUGE to me, but i haven't seen a 2 year old in a while so we're hoping it fits. i checked my gauge several times, but it was dead on. i've found that i ALWAYS have to use two needle sizes up from what the pattern calls for...i knit tight, but i'm getting better/looser.

confection baby shrug 3 months

this is the 3 month size. these were the first projects i ever had to actually knit in the round for...its pretty much exactly the same as regular knitting!

confection baby shrug 3 months

confection baby shrug 24 months

i added this knit rose to dress arie's up a bit. i saw it on another raveler's shrug and fell in love. i had a hard time getting it small enough, but i think it worked out ok.

knit rose pin

patterns - confection baby shrug & simple knit rose *FREE ravelry downloads!!*
yarn - lion brand cotton-ease (love this stuff!) in taupe & azalea
...also detailed on my ravelry pages here, here and here

Thursday, August 20, 2009

burp cloths

sorry for these pictures. they suck, i know.
one of my friends from high school saw the burp cloths i made for jess & jon on facebook. she was in love with the fabric. i told her where i got it (joann's) and that i didn't think i had any left.

it was no longer at joanns and when rummaging through my stash i found just barely enough to make two cloths! i used the homemade by jill tutorial and sent 'em off!

can i tell you i love making these? they are so quick and easy - its very satisfying. i would really like to sit down and make a ton and just have them on hand.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


my husband and i are science nerds. most of our friends are science nerds too. one of our friend's gets REALLY excited about something called retrograde blood flow.

he is absolutely hilarious and so excited about it - i had to make him an I heart Retrograde embroidery for his office. see... i told you we are nerds.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

travel knitting

i'm back! there was lots of knitting while i was away and even some knitting instructing (see below). i hope to have finished projects blocked and ready to share by the end of the week...whether they are posted by then will depend on if my camera has been repaired.

i do have a few projects to show you that i finished before i left - i'll post them soon!

do you love this giant granny square blanket?? my mom found it thrifting for a few dollars - i'm so jealous!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


vacation craftiness

got all my supplies ready to go for my craftiness while in Oregon! see you in a few weeks!

Monday, August 3, 2009

buttercup III

big buttercup

whew! another buttercup done. this one is my favorite because it is BIG.

recessed zipper

i challenged myself with a recessed zipper - not as hard as i expected, but kind of tricky to think through. i used this tutorial as a guide.

buttercup III

i also lined this with flannel and used heavy weight interfacing on the top panels. if i ever make another one of these i will use the flannel and interfacing throughout. i thought the interfacing might make the body of the bag too stiff, but i think it would be just the amount of support it needs.

a perfect summer bag for my Oregon vacation!