Sunday, January 4, 2009

archived: handmade christmas 2008

i was almost successful with my goal of a 100% handmade christmas, but not quite. the last few gifts i didn't even start, let alone finish! it worked out fine though.
Here is a smattering of what i made...

a few needle keepers using one of jenni's as a pattern

a few punch collages for some crafty gals...

a scotty dog for my mom (she HEARTS him) - when she opened it her dog started barking at it!

a memory board for my step-dad's new office...

stitched cards for the gratitude wraps (i also made christmas tree ones as our card this year)

an embroidered keep calm for kendra (you've seen the posters all over right??)...

oh! and i also made passport covers for my aunt & uncle.

PS - we made it safely to omaha and are spending some much needed time with jon and jess. i'm still sick, but hoping it subsides soon!!

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