Saturday, January 17, 2009

archived: my creative space

sorry this is so late in the day...blame this crazy emotional roller coaster i am on. i know things will get better, but its rough right now.

on to something more fun and is making me happy - my new craft area! this isn't a space that is substantial or really anything major, but it IS a space that is mine. i am very pleased at how easy it is to craft when everything is easily accessible. and now for the tour...

this is my table. i will sew, cut, probably swear, but mostly just CREATE here. A few fun things are one it... the Eiffel tower lamp i saw on a blog and immediately registered for, my mom's goofy rock foot, my sewing machine, a beaker (to keep science close) for my scissors, and a photo tile lindsey made for us that has our first photo together ever.

above my little craft table is a clipboard that has three of my most prized possessions.

1. a cross stitch my nana (mom's mom) made a long time ago and my aunt & uncle gave us as part of our wedding gift - i cried. it reads: Loving Hearts Make a House a Home

2. a cross stitch the same nana made that my aunt & uncle (they keep the good stuff around) gave us for christmas. it is a traditional irish blessing (my mom's maiden name is Leary...can't get much more irish). it reads:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

i LOVE it.

3. the lace that was removed from my wedding gown - i have to save it for a very special project or maybe just save it.

This wall also has a thread spool holder, which i got for my birthday and LOVE!

next to the craft table is my ever - growing collection of crafty books. i heart them!!

this is a great chair we recently picked up and i draped another important nana craft - a vibrant afghan she made long ago. also a generous gift from my aunt and uncle for christmas. my nana was amazing - she could whip this stuff out! she had 11 children, around 30 grandchildren and EVERYONE usually got at least one handmade thing every Christmas! i love that we are now the keepers of such special heirlooms. This vibrant pink is perfect for a creative space, dontcha think??

next to the desk i have a little tupperware set of drawers that holds some vintage and new sewing notions as well as all of my embroidery materials. On top are two vintage film canisters i found at a garage sale several years ago - they are the new keepers of all things ribbony. i also have a special little dish of buttons. i LOVE this swan dish - i found a set of three of them at goodwill a year or so ago and have just been hoarding them until i find a good use!

now into the closet - my new favorite space to make use of. lately i've been seeing all kinds of closests put to use as mini rooms, offices, etc. i LOVE it.

my meager fabric stash - complete with way too much batting. i always seem to buy way more than i end up using. i also have tons of left over wedding fabric! Way in the back of this picture you can see my crafting drill - one of those funny things that is perfect for some crafts that involve wire. I will have to share those sometime. Another good tool for a crafter is a staple gun - also something to discuss at a later date.

on top of the fabric shelf is a container with all things adhesive, a vintage dish holding all of my vintage hankies (i have always had a thing for vintage linens), and a few small organizers for various sewing notions. You can also see some extra wire holders from the wedding (made with the help of a drill!), crocheted socks jenni made, and extra wedding bookmarks. above this shelf is a nail that holds my cutting mat, rotary cutter, and rulers. i love having those up off the ground.

this little set of drawers holds my fabric scraps, patterns, and current projects respectively. on top you will see Rosie, my childhood bear. I got her the day I had tubes put in my ears and my adnoids taken out. I cherished her so much I wouldn't play with her (i know... i was THAT kid) so she is in pristine condition. She is accompanied by a basket of yarn & crochet hooks.

to the far right you will find another set of rubbermaid drawers filled with various crafting supplies - crayons, colored pencils, foam sheets, lots of felt, etc. on top is a stand that keeps all of my crafting papers in order.

and lastly, the shelf above it all holds several things. many binders that were used for wedding planning and a few that i keep craft ideas in, a set of drawers full of scrapbooking accoutrements - punches, decorative scissors, stickers, etc., several vintage glass bottles i've collected, all of my acrylic paints and brushes, and of course all of my beading supplies. the few sweaters you can see in the lower left corner are old, but i'm hanging on to them because i always see great craft projects that utilize old you feel that way too??

well that is my little nook. i heart it and hope to spend lots of time here in the coming months!

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