Friday, January 18, 2013

Quin's Quilt

quin's quilt

I saw this quilt on pinterest and fell in love. I liked the simplicity and decided to make a version to celebrate a dear friend's new baby girl.  Forgive these pictures - we went to Missouri to meet Baby Quin in early December and I was literally binding the quilt at their house... My goal was to finish it by her October due date..oops! I hadn't taken pictures of it and realized it as we were heading out to the airport on the way home. Edrie thought it was her play mat...

quin's quilt

quin's quilt

I used the colors of Quin's Nursery - two shades of pink and basic white for the 'gingham' front and did a one piece back with a little embroidery.

quin's quilt

quin's quilt

The 'welcome' is in a fun font and I like how it kind of hides in the busy dot fabric of the back. 

quin's quilt

I quilted it simply about 1/4 inch from the ditch in both directions. We hadn't washed it when I took these pictures, but Lainey said it crinkled up nicely. Sweet darling baby girl - I hope she enjoys this quilt for a long time. We can't wait to see her (and her parents) again!! 

quin's quilt

Hooded Towel

hooded towel

A friend of ours just welcomed a new baby and I wanted to bring a little gift over. I love the hooded towel that Lindsey made us so I used this tutorial to make one. It was rather difficult to sew with the terry cloth, but it turned out pretty cute! 

Knit Hoodie

knit hoodie

I started this sweater when Edrie was two months old. I knew myself well enough to make a 12 month size knowing I am a slow knitter, especially with a newborn. I finished it when she was 13 months and crossed my fingers it would fit. The pattern is known for running a bit small so I was nervous! I blocked the heck out of it and it fits great! She still wears it, though the sleeves are starting to get short. It should be ready to go for baby number two (someday)!

knit hoodie

knit hoodie

knit hoodie

knit hoodie

rav link here 

Edrie's First Birthday Craftiness

Mama went a little (read: WAY) overboard for baby girl's first birthday. We had about 70 people in our newly overhauled backyard. It was a gorgeous, sunny day. The 'theme' was soft, vintage, mason jars, pinks, greens, blues. I LOVE how it all came together.

I have been hoarding a few vintage sheets for years. I wanted to make a beach blanket out of them, but it never happened. My mom helped me cut and sew about a million yards of bunting out of them...



My mom made the cute party hats, and my step-dad made me the chicken-wire frames. I hung pictures from Edrie's first year on them with clothespins.


We had a keg of good beer and had people serve themselves into mason jars. We also had lemonade and appetizers. I LOOOVE that giant balloon - took some serious convincing to get it inflated, but so happy it worked!

DSC_0120 DSC_0121

I made Edrie's dress out of an old t-shirt and used one of the sheets to applique a 1 on it. I used Made's Warhol Dress pattern (FREE!!) I love how easy this was and how great it turned out. I'd like to make her a few more for next summer. It was super comfy and she is still wearing it over long sleeves and leggings as a tunic.



LOOVE how this crown turned out. I used felt I had on hand from making hair clips and I did a random felt flower search on flickr and found that flower - just love it! It is a little big, but I wanted it to fit her for a long time. THe back is elastic covered in the same vintage sheet I used for her dress applique. Used the pattern in soulemama's first book. 




I took a few new pictures of it with my fancy new camera... do you love how much she looks like a toddler in the picture below?? snotty nose, crazy hair, and fake smile. LOVE! 



For one of her gifts and another reason I didn't sleep at all the week of her birthday was this fabric book. I just loved the idea of a soft book with pictures of the people who love her in it...I didn't anticipate how long it would take me though! 


Also an idea of Amanda Soule - It really is very simple but working with the fabric sheets and the printer was frustrating and it frayed HORRIBLY so I had to use fraycheck on everything. I love how it turned out though! I used a few other sheets I had for hte background, some quilt batting I had and each of her grandparents, parents, olive and uncles had a page to write something special with pictures of them together. She is just now starting to look at it more. I hope it is something she can look back on fondly. 




Another little crafty thing I did was a DIY Photo Booth - Just hung up a sheet, put out props and a camera. The pictures are great! I still need to print them and put them in a book that I had out for people to sign. 


Lastly, I had a little table out for the book I made documenting our pregnancy with Edrie and banana bread baked in mason jars. I put little thank you tags on them and used part of the sheets to decorate the tops. I also made E's cake, pie pops, and cupcakes, my mom supplied flowers from her was quite the party! SO much fuN! 

 You can see more pictures here and here