Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer 2013 - More Bonnets!

 I continue to be obsessed with Made By Rae's Peek-a-Boo Bonnet Pattern! I made a few more bonnets for friends' kids last summer. Just love how they all turn out! 



Wednesday, March 26, 2014

April 2013 - Maggie Rabbit


I couldnt resist Alicia Paulson's Maggie Rabbit kit last year. And I am SO EXCITED for her to release more. This was a great project to work on while playing with E and I just love how sweet they turn out. I feel like they are keepsake toys. E didn't even care for it much - so its now in my craft area where I can enjoy it.

April 2013 - Glass Etching

I did these for wedding shower gifts and LOVED them - they were super easy, fun, and satisfying!

April 2013 - Blue Dress

 I'm gonna try to blog again... well see how I do. 

I made this little dress for E last year and she's worn it on and off. Its in the regular rotation lately, but my craftmanship is starting to show in some falling off hems... oops! I am not in love with it, but its one of the most complicated garments I've sewn so not bad?! The pattern was bought at the fabric store and I can't remember what it was... and it wasn't well written so you dont' want to know anyway ;)
017-2014-01-17 09.48.50 
and here she is more recently - little doll face!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Duckie Vest (AKA my favorite knit EVER)

jan/feb 2013

I've been hoarding these buttons for just the right thing - something not too baby-ish, but that needed a little bit of kid thrown in. I think they are perfect on this vest. This pattern is really poorly written, but its free and I found an awesome website to help you with all the decreases. 

jan/feb 2013

She is constantly in motion... hard to get good pictures these days! 

jan/feb 2013

I just LOVE this little vest. I just love her in handknits - makes me happy and I think they are cute. I love the neutral color and all the garter stitch. I just LOVE it. Too bad she figured me out and every time I now try to get it on her it is a battle and so... its hardly worn =( 

jan/feb 2013

she looks so innocent... 

jan/feb 2013


I love her dearly, though.. 

Halloween Costume in April...

APPARENTLY, I never posted on this blog about Edrie's Halloween Costume and I LOVE how it turned out and involved way too much lost sleep not to have it on the craft blog... SO without further adieu...


Last year Edrie was the hungry caterpillar and this year she was an owl. Her costume was heavily inspired by pinterest and my mom, once again, indulged me in my over-ambitious craft adventures. She did half of the felt cutting and all of the wing sewing! The knit hat was super easy and very much finished halloween morning. 


We even trained her to say 'hoot hoot' I almost died from the cuteness!