Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lainey's Shower


HELLOO! I know its been forever and a day - life has been WAY crazy and it is all explained in more detail here. But I'm back with at least one little craft-ish update. Remember Lainey's little shower gift? Well here are the pics from the rest of the shower. We kept it pretty simple, but I liked how it turned out! 


Dollar store cocktail glasses and italian soda in shades of red quenched our thirst. 


favors - mini anti-bacterial smellies from Bath & Body Works and the little cups were for the kids that came. 


I stole this idea from my friend, Lindsey, but I loved how they turned out. You just get the plain wood frames from the craft store and use ribbon, stickers, and scrapbook paper to class them up. I also painted them first so you couldn't see the wood color. We did the whole shower in her wedding colors ... red white and black. 


cute, huh?? I love the banner - we used Lainey's sister's cricut which was so exciting! Also love the pom poms - we had those all over. 


Me and the blushing bride - what a fun afternoon!