Friday, January 18, 2013

Edrie's First Birthday Craftiness

Mama went a little (read: WAY) overboard for baby girl's first birthday. We had about 70 people in our newly overhauled backyard. It was a gorgeous, sunny day. The 'theme' was soft, vintage, mason jars, pinks, greens, blues. I LOVE how it all came together.

I have been hoarding a few vintage sheets for years. I wanted to make a beach blanket out of them, but it never happened. My mom helped me cut and sew about a million yards of bunting out of them...



My mom made the cute party hats, and my step-dad made me the chicken-wire frames. I hung pictures from Edrie's first year on them with clothespins.


We had a keg of good beer and had people serve themselves into mason jars. We also had lemonade and appetizers. I LOOOVE that giant balloon - took some serious convincing to get it inflated, but so happy it worked!

DSC_0120 DSC_0121

I made Edrie's dress out of an old t-shirt and used one of the sheets to applique a 1 on it. I used Made's Warhol Dress pattern (FREE!!) I love how easy this was and how great it turned out. I'd like to make her a few more for next summer. It was super comfy and she is still wearing it over long sleeves and leggings as a tunic.



LOOVE how this crown turned out. I used felt I had on hand from making hair clips and I did a random felt flower search on flickr and found that flower - just love it! It is a little big, but I wanted it to fit her for a long time. THe back is elastic covered in the same vintage sheet I used for her dress applique. Used the pattern in soulemama's first book. 




I took a few new pictures of it with my fancy new camera... do you love how much she looks like a toddler in the picture below?? snotty nose, crazy hair, and fake smile. LOVE! 



For one of her gifts and another reason I didn't sleep at all the week of her birthday was this fabric book. I just loved the idea of a soft book with pictures of the people who love her in it...I didn't anticipate how long it would take me though! 


Also an idea of Amanda Soule - It really is very simple but working with the fabric sheets and the printer was frustrating and it frayed HORRIBLY so I had to use fraycheck on everything. I love how it turned out though! I used a few other sheets I had for hte background, some quilt batting I had and each of her grandparents, parents, olive and uncles had a page to write something special with pictures of them together. She is just now starting to look at it more. I hope it is something she can look back on fondly. 




Another little crafty thing I did was a DIY Photo Booth - Just hung up a sheet, put out props and a camera. The pictures are great! I still need to print them and put them in a book that I had out for people to sign. 


Lastly, I had a little table out for the book I made documenting our pregnancy with Edrie and banana bread baked in mason jars. I put little thank you tags on them and used part of the sheets to decorate the tops. I also made E's cake, pie pops, and cupcakes, my mom supplied flowers from her was quite the party! SO much fuN! 

 You can see more pictures here and here

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Alisha said...

All of this is dripping with amazing!!! I especially LOVE the fabric book you made Edrie. So, so awesome.