Friday, December 19, 2008

archived: wedding in review - garter

lauren brooks photo

oh i love you! i wanted my mom to make me a garter, but in the end we opted to just buy one. we were kind of busy, ya know?? i found this etsy seller and a garter that i thought looked sexy and vintagy.

purdy huh? i only wore this one and had grant throw it. i didn't like how it felt on my leg so i couldn't make myself wear two (do you know this? people wear two so they can keep one and toss one?).

plus, i put so much effort into every other thing i wore that day i didn't want something on me that was made to 'throw away'. so being the incredibly tackful person that i am i requested that the catcher of my garter return it to me! ha. i know - weird right? whatever it was my day - give me my thing back.

really elliot didn't care.

grant was hilarious taking my garter off...

is there one photo from the reception where i don't have a beer in my hand? anyway. when planning the wedding i really wanted to steer away from some of the more traditional but awkward reception events - father daughter dance, bouquet toss, etc. in the end we did one thing or another to appease my husband or another family member and i'm glad. you see... i've learned that i wasn't the only one who dreamed of my wedding day. when i asked my mom if she would walk me down the aisle she said no - she wanted to watch me walk down the aisle. although i would have loved to have her - i'm glad she got the memory she had always hoped for.

sorry i feel like this post is all over the place. i'm kind of loopy. i've been packing all night, k?

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