Wednesday, December 17, 2008

archived: wedding review - jewelery

all photos by lauren brooks

remember way back when i showed you my progress on wedding jewelery? i'm happy to officially show you how it all turned out. this was one of the easiest projects i did for the wedding. i made my jewelery in one night and the jewelery for all four bridesmaids in another. i love the above picture and it happens to be one of the better images in which you can see my earring.

all of my jewelery was made using 10mm freshwater coin pearls and gold chain/findings. for the design i found something i liked online and copied it. it was incredibly intimidating, but once i started it was SO easy. if you decide to tackle this, i recommend practicing basic jewelery techniques using a book or online tutorial for guidance.

here is my necklace. i really wasn't sure if it would all go together well - i was especially worried about the gold - i thought it might look cheap. BUT i really love how it all looked together with my dress. the dress is so ornate the simple jewelery didn't compete with it (in my humble opinion). i included the picture on the right because if you click and enlarge it you can see the pretty little beads and chain that dangles down the back - i think its a sexy and beautiful detail.

Here is Patty modeling the bridesmaid's jewelery. i used brown 10mm freshwater pearls for their jewelery and gold chain/findings. everything was the same as mine, except i did just one chain on the necklace, instead of two.

You can see their little dangly chains here too. LOVE THAT! This ended up being incredibly cost effective - approx $75 for all 5 sets!

and just for fun one of all 5 of us together.
Are you guys liking this way of going over wedding stuff? Or is it better to just put lots of wedding photos up?? Hmm...

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