Thursday, December 18, 2008

archived: wedding in review - setup

i will stop being a party pooper. back to thinking about fun, cheery wedding bliss...

what it looked like outside my moms rental as we packed up the caravan of cars...

this is the post i've been waiting to show you! for some reason i felt like all of the craft stuff was supposed to come first (i am a chronological thinker), but i'm going for it (even though i think there might be a few things we haven't talked about...).

we are blessed with family and friends who are willing to do anything for us - including get up early on what was already going to be a long (albeit fun) day to help us set up the ceremony and reception site.

i came prepared - i had a master list with everything that needed to be done. it had assignments of who was to start each project and in what order to do them. everyone was instructed to cross off whatever they completed so we knew what was left. i was prepared for chaos, but it actually went incredbily smoothly AND we got done on time!

this post is picture fest 2008 - so be prepared. i'm just so proud of what we accomplished!

we had a lot of **it... it might have filled a whole storage space we had to rent... =)

a blank slate

boys hung the lights first

my aunts took on cupcake duty and grant consults the master list

making some progress! and some incentive to get onto the party

the candleabras came unassembled so this was a big accomplishment and time to get the tablecloths out

me and my girls get the ceremony site all prettied up. mama meendering was good at making it all look right - she was also the genius who got the vases with the branches to stay upright!

gotta have some coffee to add a little something unexpected - smelled so good! look at how long my hair was!

getting the pinecones laid out to act as paperweights for the 'reserved' slips and i think we did it!

bubba finishing up the last of the coffee cylinders - don't they look pretty?? hold on lets see it closer...

if you know my husband then you know he is obsessed with good coffee so these beans were fitting...

they thought they were done, but then the dang bride has to come in and tell them they forgot the runners...

aunt patsy finishing up the cupcakes with the bride and groom picks...can you see the personalized hair and flower colors?

settin' up the bar area

trying to get the table name cards to stand up. ah... these are something i haven't told you much about. LOVE THEM...jon is a genius!

things are slowing down... g checking out a scrapbook

lindz & jess getting outside decorated

diagrams of the venue for the reception and ceremony... they were to scale. no big deal.

setting up the dessert table

pretty cake and flowers. i am so glad this is how that whole extravaganza ended up. we all know i could have done something more elaboarate or i could have hired it out, but i think this was perfect in the end.

setting up the favor/guest quilt table

gift/card table

"we're getting married today!"

THE list

the last thing we did was decorate our getaway car. these pictures make me all crowded around trying to get it done so we stayed on schedule. those are tissue paper pom poms from martha.

cool huh?? thanks to janelle for taking most of the photos...i'm SO glad we have our hard work documented!

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