Friday, December 12, 2008

archived: passport covers

Christmas crafting continues... I still have an ungodly amount to do. Between that and packing I am going to barely come up for air between now and Christmas! I get all anxious about giving these things to people - are they enough? will they hate them but feel obligated to ooh and ahh because they are made by me?? its a lot of pressure!!

I made these covers last week using this tutorial. I was in a hurried mood (as I usually am with the sewing machine) so my seams are all crooked. The girlier cover is a little tight and catywompus, but if you don't look too close they are ok. The tutorial is great and I think this is such an easy, cute gift for travelers!

Can I tell you my biggest gripe with sewing?? Cutting fabric.

It is a seriously stressful activity for me. I get all hot and sweaty and anxious. I am usually tearing off layers of clothes as I try what seems like, endlessly to get a straight cut or to get two pieces to line up. MAKES.ME.CRAZY!!! I tell myself that once I have a proper cutting table when I have a craft room all will be ok, but sometimes I wonder... Jess - you may just have to give me a serious tutorial that first week of January. Makes me shudder just thinking about it....

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