Tuesday, December 2, 2008

archived: another reason to love him...

he makes me things! useful fantastic, make my life better things!

grant has been telling me, "as soon as this dissertation is done i'm going to make you something." something huh? ok... i'm all about it. i had some ideas about what the something could be, but wasn't sure.

he needed to be in portland where he has access to tools and a garage to make it - this weekend provided the opportunity. he stayed at his dad's and i at my mom's and when i picked him up sunday he had an amazing table for me!

you see. i've been describing this imaginary table i desperately needed to craft, compute, and just be at when on our couch. the couch is deep and big so you can't reach anything on the table while on it. now i can have a glass of wine while i use my computer (and, inevitably, my slanket) or i can sit back (and avoid breaking my back) to transfer embroidery designs. all i can say is AWESOME.

this thing is sturdy and very well designed - he even thought to be sure i could alter the angle of the end closest to me and also keep it open underneath so i can have my feet up! i think we will stain and seal it a pretty color after we move! i heart it!!

now that i know he can make things my wheels are turning... coffee table? nightstand? bench??

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