Thursday, March 19, 2009

archived: buttercup

look what i made!

i'm so pleased with myself.

it is the buttercup bag from made by rae. i have been wanting to make something for myself and this looked doable so i just went for it.

i've been thinking a lot lately about why sewing is so frustrating for me. i decided it was (1) because i had never taken the time to really teach myself. i just started doing it. and (2) because i never give myself time to make something. i rush through it and when it doesn't work the first time i get frustrated.

so i decided to set out to make something slowly. i implored myself to be patient and chose a pattern i thought i could handle without going back to teach myself anything. it was SO much better to work this way. funny how if you just give yourself permission for something it feels better. i don't think i swore once, but there was still a lot of sweating. all told i think it took me about 3 hours of actual work to complete.

i saw a simple button clasp like this in the flickr group and decided to copy it. i am pleased with how it turned out and it actually keeps the bag closed!

hard to take a good shot of the inside. this will have to do. i like the little pocket!

how it looks on my shoulder. i like. its a little less sturdy than i would prefer - interfacing will be used if i make this bag again. i will also make it much bigger. i really want a big sturdy purse.

oh and don't worry about my frizzy hair, k? i'm home all day alone without even children to impress.

the aftermath.

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