Friday, March 27, 2009

archived: knit washcloths

knit washcloths

these are for a special new homeowner.

i am the slowest knitter EVER. i've been working in these for about three weeks! in my defense i wasn't devoting all of my crafting time to them (mostly just knit when i watch a movie or tv) and we were traveling last weekend, but still. i think my slowness can mostly be attributed to the fact that i knit too tight. makes it difficult to maneuver so i go more slowly. i'm learning to knit more loosely and as a result my latest project is going much more quickly.

checkered knit washcloth

i love this checkered one. such an easy pattern, but i like the effect.

knit washcloths

the solid green is just a simple garter stitch.

knit washcloths

i love the way the cotton knits up - it is firm enough to be kind of scrubby, but still feels soft and organic.

pattern - dirty-girl washcloths from The Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting
yarn - sugar 'n cream 100% cotton in green & green twists

these will be on their way soon linz!

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