Thursday, August 20, 2009

burp cloths

sorry for these pictures. they suck, i know.
one of my friends from high school saw the burp cloths i made for jess & jon on facebook. she was in love with the fabric. i told her where i got it (joann's) and that i didn't think i had any left.

it was no longer at joanns and when rummaging through my stash i found just barely enough to make two cloths! i used the homemade by jill tutorial and sent 'em off!

can i tell you i love making these? they are so quick and easy - its very satisfying. i would really like to sit down and make a ton and just have them on hand.


Jessica said...

I do love those burp cloths. I've never used that tutorial, but I do love to give them along with bibs as baby gifts. That fabric is's too bad Joanns doesn't have it anymore!

The Richards said...