Monday, August 3, 2009

buttercup III

big buttercup

whew! another buttercup done. this one is my favorite because it is BIG.

recessed zipper

i challenged myself with a recessed zipper - not as hard as i expected, but kind of tricky to think through. i used this tutorial as a guide.

buttercup III

i also lined this with flannel and used heavy weight interfacing on the top panels. if i ever make another one of these i will use the flannel and interfacing throughout. i thought the interfacing might make the body of the bag too stiff, but i think it would be just the amount of support it needs.

a perfect summer bag for my Oregon vacation!


RosaMarĂ­a said...

very pretty! i love the fabric you used!

Lindsey said...

LOVE it!!

Holly and Everest said...

You have good taste in fabric.

jenni said...

oh that is nice! I think I like the bigger bag, do you think you will use it everyday? or the small one?

The Richards said...

LOVE THESE!!!! You are so crafty! Teach me, teach me :)