Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crafty To Do List for Baby (UPDATED!)

Here is the updated list... making good progress!!

alphabet mini quilt
onesies (elephant) (elephants DONE!) (snail DONE!)

bulky baby blanket
kicking bag DONE!
newborn snug jacket IN PROGRESS
newborn romper
baby legs DONE!
latte baby sweater
baby sophisticate DONE! by Holly!
baby hoodie
big wool little hat DONE!
aviatrix hat
umbi hat DONE!
pumpkin hat
cabled baby bib DONE! by Holly!
stay-on baby booties DONE! by Holly!

stocking IN PROGRESS
wipes gonna use washcloths for now
quilt DONE!
kimono baby shoes
infant swaddler have plenty of store bought ones for now
big butt baby pants DONE! by Jenni!
rockin' baby gown have plenty of store bought gowns
nursing cover DONE! by Jenni!
diaper clutch (do these work for cloth dipes?) made some drawstring bags instead...
pilot cap bought a few...
burp cloths DONE!
moby wrap DONE! got a brand new black one at goodwill for $20
nursing pads DONE! for now...made 4 pairs, but probably will make more
baby legs DONE!
fabric bunting DONE!
family tree wall hanging from stitched in time (put in large embroidery hoop in nursery)
lots of other stuff from this and this

baby book/pregnancy journal IN PROGRESS

freezer paper onesies DONE!

bookshelf bought one...


jenni said...

yay! what a great list! Were you going to make everything or can I help you out on a few things?

anne said...

congrats! baby sewing is SO FUN!

T. Joi said...

So excited for you!!! Baby crafting is wonderful because it is immediate (or close to immediate) gratification. Enjoy and please do post...

Rach_Spencer said...

Great list....I have 3 babies in the family to start baby gifts for so now I am inspired. Do you by chance know how to translate the Latte Baby Sweater pattern from Danish to English? I love it but I don't know Danish.

jcm said...

That kicking bag looks like something quick and easy to make. Mind if I take a crack at it? I wasn't sure if you wanted to make these all your self or if you'd welcome some help. I have the cutest combination of self striping yarns in mind!