Sunday, July 5, 2009

cabeled baby bib round 2

Cabeled Baby Bib

are you shocked that i ACTUALLY made something? we spent the weekend out of town with friends. it was such a welcome reprieve from spending our weekends alone studying and working on the house. while we relaxed saturday enjoying the weather and a beer i knit this bib up. i wanted a little project i could finish and not have to focus too much on. i had the yarn and pattern for this so it was perfect.

Cabeled Baby Bib

i think i like the colors in this one better than the blue i used the first time around. it felt so good to start and finish a project all in one day and even better to take some time to CREATE. i hope to continue adding crafting back into my life bit by bit.

Cabeled Baby Bib

this will go to a friend at school who has a 6 month old. she brought me a bottle of wine last week when i really needed it. plus, she is, amazingly, going to school and raising her baby on her own while her husband is in Iraq!

pattern - modern cabled baby bib from gibsongirl on ravelry


jenni said...

very cute!

Sarah said...

so adorable lady!

Holly and Everest said...

I used this pattern to make one of my own...pretty fun to knit. Quick and cute. What more can you want?

Libby said...

Oh this is an amazing bib! How cool!