Tuesday, June 30, 2009

coaster swap!

ummm WOW it took me a long time to get this up here. sorry! i got these amazing coasters as well as some great quarters and some chocolate from my swap buddy! they are completely hand sewn... can you believe that? thank you soo soo much!

in other news there has been no crafting around here. so so sad. i'm DYING to do something with my hands. i picked up my knitting last night and did a row on my flair (while rocking) even though i'm pretty sure i have to frog it. i've gotten farther than is pictured in that post, but i got all messed up and then put it down for 2 months. i thought i figured out the problem but i really don't know if i can salvage it...

anyway, we're going out of town this weekend and my monday test is easy next week so i've been hunting for a craft to bring... i might actually have something to share with you!

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jenni said...

hand stitching is just so impressive! I can't even keep machine stitching straight!!