Monday, April 27, 2009


flair cardigan

this is my progress as of mid-last week on my first knit cardigan! i made some huge (for me) progress this weekend, but the weather is crap here today so i won't bother you with new, badly lit pictures. 

flair cardigan

this, if all goes well, will turn into the flair cardigan. i originally saw it on philigry and liked that she said it was a good beginner pattern. and so far she is totally right - i did spend three hours one night adding 18 stitches with the backward loop method and subsequently swearing and ripping them out when i ended up with 18 inches of extra yarn between my needles. little did i know that most people find that method of casting on obnoxious... thankfully i tried a different method and was able to move on. 

i was planning to go with a neutral - grey or tan, but then i decided it is almost summer so something more punchy would be best. i was thinking a green, but grant liked this. i'll keep you updated on the progress!!! 


jenni said...

funny I just emailed you about your progress.

btw, i think you take very nice pictures of your projects.

Philigry said...

oh, i can't wait to see! it is going to be great.