Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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tuesday & wednesday

i took my test today (it went well, thanks for asking...) so i'm taking the afternoon and tomorrow completely off! i'm very VERY excited about it. i will spend my time with a glass of wine and all the goodness pictured!

description (counter clockwise):

my collection of domino (RIP) and weekend decorating magazines

i plan to pour through these and every other online and library decorating source to make plans for paint colors and DIY projects. for what, you ask? our new house! if all goes well we will be home owners next month!! i'm VERY excited to make it our own. it will be on a VERY tight budget, but i think we can make it cute.

yarn and gauge swatch to make this cardigan

super cute, huh?? i'm excited, but nervous about knitting something so big. i've been going to michaels daily with 50% off coupons to buy the yarn. one skein at a time. i know its ridiculous, but i can't imagine spending twice as much just to avoid the daily drive. my husband even came in with me on friday and checked out separately with his own terra cotta yarn - that got me two in one day! now just one more skein tomorrow, and the circular needle on thursday and i'm home free!

beginnings of the second baby shoe

i think you all are right... just make the other one. i'm sure it will knit up pretty quick.

and lastly the quilt top

i am still SO in love with how all these fabrics come together. i got all the squares sewn into rows in quick bits of time between studying - one or two squares here and there. i hope to get all the rows sewn together without too much trouble!

thats what i'm up to the next few days... how about you??

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