Friday, April 24, 2009

baby quilt

competed quilt

my husband was gone at a conference for SIX days. needless to say it was WAY hard to be completely alone for that long, but on the bright side i got a lot of crafting in. i've been slow to take pictures and post, but i'll get things up in the next few days. 

the first thing i worked on and completed was my quilt! its far from perfect, but i am really happy with how it turned out. 

lots and lots of pins

it took me hours and hours to pull out all the stitches from the first time i tried quilting it, but once that was complete i pinned and pinned and pinned. i bought quilting pins and i really like using them over regular safety pins. my lines aren't very straight BUT there are no puckers!! 


i really like how the diagonal lines look. and i'm really glad i didn't try to stipple it - i'm pretty sure that would have been a disaster. 

completed quilt

as you can see the lines aren't all that straight, but it works. 

quilt backing

there is that backing with no puckers!! ok so there was ONE but it got cut off when i squared the quilt off... 

quilt binding

and lastly the binding. i was a little nervous about this because i had heard it was hard, but i actually found it to be quite easy. maybe because i've done mitered corners before??

so that is it! the kit i bought a year ago is finally a quilt! 

PSif you haven't clicked over to kelly mccaleb's shop before - you should! 


jenni said...

it looks great! Very compfy looking to! did you ever buy a walking foot?

Lindsey said...

So sweet! Love it!

Holly and Everest said...

must be gratifying to see it all done and for it to trun out so beautiful...can't wait to see what's next on your list.

Kelsey said...

this looks amazing! Good job!

Kindred Crafters said...

It looks great - I stippled my first baby quilt that I made a few weeks (a month?) ago and the one I'm working on now I'm going to cross hatch as you've done . .I feel like it's harder than stippling! We'll see!

love the binding!

- Donna