Wednesday, June 10, 2009

flea market finds

a few months ago i discovered a great flea market, but hadn't had a chance to go back. when my mom was here a few weeks ago we took some time out of working on the house to browse. we weren't sorry.

antique rocker

for the past few months i have been desperately wanting a rocking chair. i think because i know i'll want an antique rocker when we have a baby, but also because i LOVE the idea of knitting or reading while rocking. it is incredibly soothing. i had spotted this the first time i visited this particular flea market - i fell in love and kept talking about it, but i just couldn't swing it.
good ol' mom - she was just like 'get it. you love it so i'll just get it for you.' holy crap! i was happy. i'm in love with it. i know this color is puke green to many and velvet probably makes you cringe, but i just can't get enough of it. and it is in amazing condition.
rocker detail

i am a dark wood person. light wood has its place and people can make it look amazing, but for me - i just love the dark stuff so this fits perfectly with our other furniture and antiques. it has great details. i love the rivets and knobby posts!

antique ironing board

i also found this great antique ironing board. i was looking for a table to sew at and i thought this could be great because it is narrow and long so you have lots of room for support of a quilt or something. BUT i didn't look at how the legs are situated. see those metal rods? they get way in the way of where your leg needs to be to press the foot of the sewing machine. i'm hoping to figure out a way to make it work, but i'll keep it either way. i think its charming for a craft room, no?
antique ironing board

here is another view. as an aside - i'm not way in love with how the color on the craft room walls turned out. i'm hoping i can like it after things get in place and stuff is on the walls.


RosaMarĂ­a said...

great stuff!!!!! the ironing board is awesome!!!! i think it looks very cute in a crafty room like a table.

Alisha said...

love the chair.
love the ironing board- would make an awesome prop four shoot. ;)
love the green walls. think they will grow on you like my office did!