Friday, June 5, 2009

bag wrangler

crafting has been about as far off my radar as you can go, but not for lack of desire. my time has been sucked so dry at times it is hard to breathe. BUT its friday and the deep breaths always come easy on friday. i made this a few weeks ago, but never had a minute to share...  

bags before

this is how badly i needed a solution for our plastic bags. i know, its bad, right?? 

solutions have been all over the blogosphere and craft fairs forever, but i just recently gave in to the beast that is our plastic bags stash. we don't even use plastic - we have reusable grocery bags, but somehow they get in. 

most recently i saw a version here and then the most recent issue of Living had a quick and dirty version made out of a dish towel. 

bag wrangler

i went for the dish towel version - i heart the dollar store for things like this. i took a part an old pair of pjs for the elastic so the total cost was $1 and i haven't had to find anywhere in our new house to hide our unsightly bags! 


Jillian said...

I ran across your other blog a few months ago. I was researching for my own wedding and somehow found your other blog with your wedding photos. Your wedding was beautiful.

Anyway, I really enjoy reading your crafting blog as I love crafting too! I don't think I am quite a savvy as you yet because I don't know how to use a sew machine. To make a long post short, I love your blog. This baggie holder is so cute. I want to make one for myself but I would have to hand sew it which might be too time consuming.

Happy moving!

jenni said...

i really like this. I was thinking that oh I don't need to make one of these because we use all plastic bags for housing smelly diapers in the trash but then I really do because Lilly's top dresser drawer is full of these. I could use that drawer for something else!

Libby said...

If you ever get tired of letting those bags hang, you can always crochet them to make another bag. Ravelry link:

I am going to try that one of these days. :-D

The Richards said...

OMG!!! I love this!