Monday, January 18, 2010

Craft Hope for Haiti

Craft Hope
is truly awesome. I, like most everyone, am horrified by the disaster in Haiti and feel paralyzed by an inability to do anything to help. If I could I would adopt a baby - so so many orphans!

Luckily, Craft Hope is providing a way for crafters to help! Crafters donate items to be sold in the Craft Hope for Haiti etsy shop and all proceeds to go to Doctors without Borders!!

I donated my original buttercup bag - Rae allows donations of bags made from her patterns! I was so happy to be able to do something and with school starting tomorrow I couldn't make anything new. Worked out perfectly!!

If you too want to donate see details here.


Anna said...

I am the proud new owner of this bag!! I've been eye-balling it for 2 days now and decided that if I want it, I better snatch it up.

I also donated - small items but both sold in a matter of hours so it feels good to be supportive of the cause in two ways.

Looking forward to receiving the bag! ... and I think I'll be following your blog - looks fun.

jenni said...

I have been trying to talk Gregg into adopting a baby, it hasn't worked yet! i just can't imagine what it is like down there.