Saturday, January 23, 2010

patchwork napkins

i had been wanting to make something with my scraps for a while so when a friend came to visit - we went to work making these patchwork napkins. i had several flour sack dish towels laying around so we used those for the base.

we tried not to be matchy when we chose the fabrics for each strip and weren't picky about everything being straight or the same width.

we were able to use up almost all of my scraps and came out with two sets of four napkins.

they were pretty quick and simple to put together and we didn't spend a dime!

i am IN LOVE with them!


jana said...

um....i am too!!!! i can't wait until i can figure out my sewing machine so i can start making things like this!!!!

Sus said...

These are too cute. Now my wheels are turning as to what I can adorn with little patchwork strips of scraps... :D