Tuesday, September 15, 2009

new thrifty finds

i love new treasures! my mom and i found this quilt while i was in Oregon for $5 at a garage sale. its a little worn, but there are enough good squares to make a pillow or something small.

its all hand pieced and hand quilted. isn't that insane? it makes me wonder who made it and who they loved enough to spend so much precious time on this quilt.

this might be my favorite new find. Grant doesn't like it so much, but i ADORE it. we both use bar soap to wash our faces and it gets the side of our sink all mucky. i had been looking for a pretty plate to use, but then i saw this. it had to come home with me.

i also love this plate. its so sweet and simple. it is enamel with a few rusty spots for good character. i bought it to start a collection of plates to hang on the wall in our dining room, but for now it hold our keys and other junk.

this is another oregon find. i just think its so cute and funny. its from the 1940s so its just interesting to see the things they focused on having the little girl scouts learn.

things like how to set a proper table (something i should probably learn) or how to be a good homemaker.


jenni said...

wow those are all great! That blanket is awesome. I am thinking of making one almost like that for Lilly. She asked me to make her a blue blanket and that it be pretty and have a smiley face. I am hoping she forgets about the smiley face request...

Holly and Everest said...

I went to a museum exhibit in Hawaii once that had all hand sewn quilts. They were beautiful with all the swirls of stitches in between the different colors. And man the time devoted to them must be intense. You need serious patience and motivation to hand sew a full size quilt.

Philigry said...

i love all of your finds!
I finally got the tutorial up for turning a coat into a bag. I went through all the comments to the post and wanted to let everyone who asked about a tutorial know I finally did it!