Thursday, September 10, 2009

birthday beanie

So... I decided to tackle a hat.

This is for my bro's birthday... I'm only a week late! Grant was nice enough to model for me...his eyeball makes me smile.

first off... if you teach yourself how to knit and then take several months off be sure you are doing the knit stitch correctly. yup... figured out that i've been knitting wrong since i started back up this summer. everything turns out fine, the stitches are just bigger and bumpier. which is why the shrugs are so textured. who knew?!

second...maybe you should practice before you try double pointed needles (dpns) on a project you actually want to look good. especially when your friend tells you they suck...

this is the top...where the pattern gets its name. turn a square...there is a square. get it? genious, i know! anyway. see the 'seams'? they are where i had to transition between the dpns. they are loose and its annoying, BUT i'm over it.

all in all its a pretty cute hat. right? hope he likes it!

here it is in progress...never got around to posting it!

pattern - turn a square free on ravelry!
yarn - cascade 220 wool in colorway 9465 and noro yuzen in colorway 1
...also detailed on my ravelry page


Holly and Everest said...

I'm digging the hat and your yarn choice. The seams that dpns make drive me insane as well. If you knit one more stitch every time you change needles instead of leaving the same number of stitches on the needle every time you won't get such noticeable seams.

jenni said...

oh nice tip above! I meant to tell you my stocking looks better and only some seams show not like other projects so hopefully practice actually helps.

NOW, I LOVE the hat!! Seriously perfect, and I think your brother is going to be PUMPED! Don't you love it?? I hope you are jumping up and down!

Stephanie said...

It looks great - I thought those seams were supposed to be there! What perfect timing for a hat too, as the weather is so dreary today, at least on the East Coast. (I'm hoping that one month from today it is sunny and warm - a bride-to-be can only dream!)