Wednesday, May 13, 2009

cafe apron

pillowcase apron

i have lots of vintage pillowcases laying around so when i saw this tutorial on One Pretty Thing i knew i wanted to make one. it worked out well because my mother in law's birthday was last week!

pillowcase apron

i really like the way a cafe apron sits high on the waist. that is somehow comforting to me. i didn't add any embellishments, because i thought the pattern of the pillowcase was busy enough. i did, however, use a leftover part of the hemmed edge to make a small pocket. 

this project maybe took me an hour... and G's mom liked it! now i need to make one for me.


Anonymous said...

How clever is that! Who would ever guess it started life as a pillow case. Great idea and it looks like a comfy style of apron.

jenni said...

very cute! love the pockets.

Sarah said...

Loving the apron...but especially love your America's Next Top Model pose in the first pic. You are the cutest!

Philigry said...

i love this! tanks for sharing. i need to make some of these.