Tuesday, June 14, 2011

baby legs from socks...I'm ADDICTED!


You can't get over the cuteness can you? Don't even try...its a futile effort! A week ago I met up with a few friends for a baby craft day. We tackled baby legs from knee high socks using this quick tutorial. They are SO easy! It takes about 5 minutes for each pair and the result is to die for! The girly ones pictured above and in some of the other pictures I made for a friend who just had a baby girl...LOVE THEM WITH THE CLOTH DIPES! Can't wait to see this babe in my belly with some little leg warmers!






Baby Simmons craft day resulted in 5 pairs of baby legs and an AWESOME freezer paper onesie for football season! The two solid pairs are narrower and shorter to hopefully fit a newborn. I used the dimensions listed on babylegs.com to get an idea of what sizes they say fit newborns vs. older babies. The sizing for the 'one size fits most' seemed to work out well on Maddie, who is 2 months old...


You should also be proud... I took the giant leap from charm pack quilter to picking my own fabric last week! I went to fabric depot and all by myself picked out 9 coordinating greys, whites, and yellows, for my babe's first quilt. I was so intimidated, but I think its going to turn out well! I also was really afraid of all the cutting, but because its just a simple patchwork design I was able to cut all 81 squares in a few hours! Can't wait to share more baby crafting...its gotta be in full swing since I only have three more months!


jenni said...

I love baby legs too!! You are going to love them. I haven't been to fabric depot yet, I can't wait to get in our place so I can get to sewing and shopping!

Veronica said...

I LOVE the sock baby leggings...I saw these ones on Maddie when I met her this week at Rachael's graduation party...they're adorable! I will be peeking at the tutorial you posted. =)

shu84 said...

it's so sweet:)
love your blog
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