Friday, December 4, 2009

umbilical cord hats & a sweet buggy

can't you just picture the little baby heads in these? OMG its too much...even G said we need a baby to put in there! that man loves him a beanie...doesn't matter if he has to admit he wants a baby to express his beanie love!

the un-umbilical cord hats are for girl twins due to one of my professors. i am SO excited for her. we surprised her with a mini shower this week and it made her so happy. love things like that.

i tried to embellish them with knit flowers...what a pain in the ass. seriously - i won't try that one again! they are cute enough without - love the swirl at the top!

then i had a 12 hour clinical shift on labor and delivery with only 1 delivery - a c-section =( i spent the day knitting up the third TRUE umbilical cord hat. that one is going to a sweet baby boy...hope it fits!

and back to my wonky just can't deny how wonky these are! what the F? it is DRIVING.ME.INSANE. i think i need to go to the local knitting shop after finals and figure out a solution to my tension issue. switching to continental might be the solution, but it kind of frightens me.

lastly i made this little card for our professor so we could all share our congratulations. my buggy shape leaves something to be desired, but for how annoyed i was getting trying to get my thread tension right i think it turned out ok. i found it here, which linked to here, which was originally created here. whew! that is how blog land will suck you in and you won't come out for three days!

pattern - umbilical cord hat in stitch 'n bitch
yarn - cotton-ease in stone & azalea (8401)
...also detailed on my ravelry page with mods


jenni said...

such cute hats and I just love how you styled it! that card is CUTE. I love it! I want to make 10 and hug each one.

French Press Knits said...

So for the first few years I was knitting, I wrapped the yarn the wrong way on my purl stitches and I think I had something similar to what you have. This *might* be what you're doing...but I'm not sure, I am a continental knitter. The hats are so cute, I didn't actually noticed the stitches until you wrote about them!

Kim said...

I didn't notice the sts either, until you pointed them out. It looks like you are twisting them. The only way to be sure is to have an experienced knitter watch you. Very Very cute hats, though!
This is my first time visiting your blog.