Wednesday, November 25, 2009

wedding quilt

{all photos courtesy of simple beans}

Oh man... did i receive the package of a lifetime last week!! in general getting mail is one of my favorite things. it is one of those simple things that can make your day so much better...

so you might remember that we (i) decided that we wanted our wedding guest book to be a quilt. one of my bridesmaids headed up the project...she designed the quilt, cut all the fabric, and brought it to the wedding. we had all of the guests sign a rectangle of muslin and she took them all home to stitch it all together. she finished it a few weeks ago!

i am IN LOVE! Grant and I hadn't read any of the squares so it was really fun to sit down and read them together. i am so excited to have this to remind us of that day.

for a while there i was getting SO tired of our wedding fabric,... just saw it so much while planning the wedding and i have a TON left so i always am staring at it in the craft room. well...when this arrived all that went away. i am back in love!

jess enlisted the help of our friend, jenni, to help do the actual quilting. didn't she do so great!? she stippled over all the patterned fabrics leaving the signed parts alone so they were easier to read. oh the talent of these women!

thank you both so very much. grant and i will treasure this for the rest of our lives...we truly appreciate it. Jon - you too receive a special thanks... for moral support and fabric input ;-)


jenni said...

such a great memory to your day!

oh my gosh, I am so happy Jess asked me to help. She did such an amazing job putting that top together. I am glad you like that fabric again, it is so pretty! happy anniversary!!

Stephanie said...

So cool! I am still trying to decide what quilt to make with all of my leftover napkins from my wedding. What a treasure to have!

French Press Knits said...

SO incredible- I love it and am quite jealous!

Philigry said...

oh, what a great idea! that is so beautiful.