Thursday, October 22, 2009

coffee sleeves

remember WAY back when i made a crafty to do list and (foolishly) thought i would get all of it done before i started school IN MAY?? anyway i had coffee cozy on that list to knit for a friend's wedding gift (she hearts starbucks!). that was march... i started and finished them this month. oops.

i made a his and hers. i am satisfied with them, but wish i had done something that didn't show how the top and bottom pulls to one direction. i saw one on etsy made in a solid seed stitch that was really cute. maybe next time.

you should have seen the look i got when i asked if i could buy empty cups at starbucks. the guy was like, umm...i guess i can just give you one. he gave me one tall cup without a lid...i didn't go further and ask for a second, but i sent the hubby back and he got two grande cups with lids in a bag. i guess he really knows how to sweet talk the baristas!

my plan is to pack them up with a few pounds of starbucks coffee or a gift card. i hope they like 'em. i get really anxious when giving handmade gifts lately!

pattern - coffee sleeve free!
yarn - cascade yarns cotton rich dk in colorway 2730 (blue) & 5606 (green)
...also detailed on my ravelry page


Alisha said...

not sure why you're anxious! they are such a thoughtful, cool gift! and anything hand-made is that much better. go with confidence, my dear. :)

jenni said...

i really love this idea! some handmade and thoughtful storebought, perfect!!

did you get my email about those extra needles??