Monday, February 23, 2009

archived: baby booties

hello long lost friends. i think this is the longest i've gone without posting in a while! i just wasn't really feelin' it. and i've decided that with things like this blog and crafting its supposed to be fun so i should only do it if i really want to. i've also been spending hours upon hours studying pharmacology. i'm failing my class and that is not acceptable so things needed to change. all the studying has produced very little crafting time. in spite of that, my new crafty love affair with knitting is growing more and more intense. more on that later this week.

ok. the booties. i HATED making these (pattern at this link). good cause . had to do it, but for real sewing small things is NOT fun at all. sewing the casing for the ribbon produced SO MUCH profanity that on the second pair I just sewed the ribbon on the outside.

i do find them incredibly adorable now that i have had two days to stop hating them. they are very tiny and cute. grant loves them which is very endearing. he loves anything i make which is also very endearing.

don't look too close...there might be a seam coming loose in there somewhere...

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