Wednesday, March 26, 2014

April 2013 - Maggie Rabbit


I couldnt resist Alicia Paulson's Maggie Rabbit kit last year. And I am SO EXCITED for her to release more. This was a great project to work on while playing with E and I just love how sweet they turn out. I feel like they are keepsake toys. E didn't even care for it much - so its now in my craft area where I can enjoy it.

April 2013 - Glass Etching

I did these for wedding shower gifts and LOVED them - they were super easy, fun, and satisfying!

April 2013 - Blue Dress

 I'm gonna try to blog again... well see how I do. 

I made this little dress for E last year and she's worn it on and off. Its in the regular rotation lately, but my craftmanship is starting to show in some falling off hems... oops! I am not in love with it, but its one of the most complicated garments I've sewn so not bad?! The pattern was bought at the fabric store and I can't remember what it was... and it wasn't well written so you dont' want to know anyway ;)
017-2014-01-17 09.48.50 
and here she is more recently - little doll face!