Friday, May 7, 2010


i made another freezer paper shirt! this one was for the aforementioned birthday boy. i went simple with a J, for jude, on the front and 'one', because he turned one year old, on the back!

seriously, how can we all not want a cricut... oh! and apparently they can cut fabric too... applique anyone??

Thursday, May 6, 2010

monster stuffie

This little man's birthday was last week so we made the trek to SoDak to help him celebrate. A little handmade stuffie was in order for the birthday boy. cute, huh?? i found the pattern a long time ago and have been waiting to use it.

i am not even joking that this took me maybe 45 minutes to complete. do you see that i struggled to zig zag stitch around the eyes?? i decided it was ok because it is a monster and they are supposed to be crazy!

love the little heart!

probably the only time in my life that i could literally feel my heart swell - nothing better than something you made getting love. happy birthday sweet boy!