Thursday, June 19, 2008

archived: party invites

i LOVE getting mail and today was awesome because I got my second of two invites to parties for me AND our first wedding gift came. we are so spoiled!

lindsey! you've really outdone yourself this time!

these are the invites she made for my bridal shower and bachlorette party! i love them both. But the stitched one holds a special place since I just made my first stitched cards last weekend. i love that the rings are white gold! too cute!

the bridal shower instructs guests to bring their favorite recipe to share with me! yay! those of you out there who can't make my shower can send me your favorite recipes too *wink*wink* i'm so suzy homemaker-esque these days...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

archived: happy father's day

We have three dads between the two of us...I made these cards to tell them how important they are to us. I used a technique Jenni posted about a while ago (can't find the actual post) and got the tie pattern from here. I also used a book binding technique discussed here to make little coupon books (i got the templates from martha here), which is kind of juvenile, but i thought they were too cute!

the candle card was for my mom's birthday.